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Between 2009 and 2019 Heidi and Tonton the French-speaking Tortoise taught in schools and preschools around Devon, UK, teaching French with their unique, energetic and playful style.
Tonton went into semi-retirement in 2019 but he still visits schools, spreading a little chaos when it's needed!
Access our wealth of unique French learning resources online.
Created over years of entertaining children aged between 2 and 8 yrs and observing how they learn best.
We can make YOU an incredible teacher of French!
(The secret is to always be silly!)

'A Year Of French Fun'

INTRODUCING OUR FUN FRENCH LEARNING COURSE FOR KIDS!Learn at home or in school (we promise it really is fun!)We want to make your life easy, so if you are a parent or teacher, the amount of preparation for each activity is TINY...ALMOST ZERO.You'll get printable worksheets, videos, songs, games...You'll get step-by-step, lesson plans that last from five minutes to however long you can all keep going.The course gives you an ENTIRE YEAR of learning ideas.And you'll get immense satisfaction when you see how effective your teaching will be!

The easiest way for kids to learn french

From the first lesson in our 'Year of French Fun' course, children will learn real, French conversations.All the language is SIMPLE and relates to your child’s life, giving them buckets of curiosity to learn more!Clearly defined goals in each of the ten topics help you keep track of progress.Relax with full translations and pronunciations of all of the French content, plus TEN accompanying videos for each topic.All of the games are easy to play. Some require zero preparation, and some require a little printing and cutting, and most items can be found easily in your home or school.Learning French this way is super easy!*Note the ebook and videos are digital downloads. You will not receive a physical product.

Learn French for free with our Youtube channel

We have dozens and dozens of French learning videos covering lots of topics.Our videos are short, simple and silly. They are incredibly effective at introducing fun French phrases in a hmourous and easy-to-learn way.Start exploring right away!